Friday, June 11, 2004

Dreaming of a new wheel

Earlier today I replaced a spoke on the rear wheel of my mountain bike. I hope to never have to replace a spoke on my rear wheel again. It's not that big a pain, but with the addition of disc brakes, you have double the pain of removing things before you can even begin to address the broken spoke.

First remove the free wheel, then remove the cassette, add new spoke (don't forget to lube the threads), tighten, true, replace, replace, replace, inflate, and you're ready to go. All in all, it takes me an hour to replace the one stupid broken spoke. I guess I won't be applying for that bike mechanic position any time soon.

Back to the whole, "not replacing a spoke again," theory. I'm gonna have Peter White build me a wheel. He guarantees against spoke breakage and truing! Wow, and considering the fact that I'm gonna get a bonna-fide Phil Wood hub, the only thing that should ever break is the rim. And that's the one thing (knock on wood) I've not broken on a bike yet. Oh, I guess I dented the rims on my road bike when I hit a pot hole (1 inch deep, vertical edge) at 25mph. But that was my fault. Hopefully the fat tires and the Deep V rim will get me through the most of my riding.

Now I just need to make the call and drop the $400+. ouch.

Guess I'd better get back to work so I can pay for this bad boy.

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