Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Root Beer

I like rootbeer. Never liked beer, but rootbeer is pretty tasty.

Generally I prefer Barqs, but will drink Mug or the other name-brand flavors. Thomas Kemper does an ok job, and Heny Weinhard makes a tasty beverage they call rootbeer (but tastes more like cream soda).

Virgils makes a yummy rootbeer, of which Sam and I drank a party keg over Christmas.

Well, I've decided to start brewing my own rootbeer. It's quick and sounds real easy, mix water, flavoring, sugar and yeast (for carbination), wait two weeks, and you're done. I've got the ingredients on order from hoptech, which sounded like it has a couple of different flavors.

While doing research to find out the way to properly brew rootbeer (use ale yeast because champagne yeast can lead to exploding bottles), I found this guy's list of nearly 300 rootbeers, with comments on all of them. While he doesn't like Virgils, he does like Bulldog, which luckily can be found locally. So I stopped by Cost Plus and picked up a couple of bottles, as well as a bottle of Briars rootbeer and red birch beer. I look forward to trying both (they're chilling in the fridge right now). Perhaps I'll learn the error of my ways.

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