Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kryptonite locks

I got a replacement Kryptonite lock because anyone could open the old one using a ballpoint pen.

My new one seemed nice enough - it has a little cover that rotates to cover the keyhole and keep the elements out. It's a little heavier than my last one, but no big deal.

Last Sunday, Mary and I biked down to the Fall Festival to see all the crafts. It's kind of like Portland's Saturday Market only the crafts are all really nice, and the live music is really good.

We pull up to the bike corral and get ready to lock the bikes up. I put the key in, turned it, and turned it, and turned it. At first there was a little resistance, but then nothing. The key now spins freely around, and actually, I cannot pull the key out. And, the lock is just as locked as it's ever been.

Luckily, the lock is just locked on my bike, right near the handlebars, and not locked to a bike rack or some other immobile object. But what a pain in the butt. A young woman in the bike corral said she had the same problem, only her bike was stuck to some pole somewhere.

I called Kryptonite, and to their credit, they'll cover the cost for the locksmith to get it off the bike, and they'll replace the lock for free. But I'm a little worried now that I'll lock my bike up again and never get it back. At least this was the single-speed, if I'd permanently locked my new bike to something I would have been really torqued.

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