Monday, September 19, 2005

Tim Burton Woman

Just met a woman who was straight out of an animated Tim Burton movie.

No, she wasn't freaky or anything like that, and no she wasn't dead or a skeleton.

She was a very petite woman, with huge, dark eyes. She was really thin, with long fingers and very expressive hands. Her eyelashes must have been a good inch long (no, not Tammy Fae freaky - stop going there), and when she looked from one person to the next, she'd often look down in between - closing her eyes in between the people, and opening them when she looked at the second person. She moved kinda slow - nothing jerky, just slow, flowing motions. Oh, and her hair was in an odd hairdo with not a single hair out of place - similar to a doll's.

You'd totally understand if you saw her next to a TV showing one of Mr. Burton's animated films. You'd wonder which was the original.

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