Sunday, September 11, 2005

Whole Grain baby

A couple of weeks ago we were walking through the Safeway when I spied the new whole grain Lucky Charms. Now, Lucky Charms happen to be my favorite junk breakfast cereal. I'd read the advertisements way back when GM announced the move to whole grains. It's just a marketing gimmick, I know, but I had to try them.

So I bought a box, the largest box they had (because it was cheaper than the smaller one).

The next morning I ate two full bowls of the stuff, and boy didn't I feel great. Mary even joined in and had a bowl full herself.

They tasted exactly like they did before the transformation. I think the fact that there are more marshmallows than sugar coated cereal probably contributes to that. Oddly, the sugar content is not the highest of the crappy cereals. I've no idea how a cereal that's more than half marshmallows can't be off the chart on the sugar scale. Especially considering the fact the remaining portion of cereal is sugar coated.

Now that they're gone, I miss them. My friends: the blue moons, purple horse shoes, the shooting stars, the pots of gold. sniff...

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