Saturday, September 10, 2005


We have some neighbors... the woman we've dubbed "crazy lady" and the man is just her husband. They had names at some point, but I've forgotten them because I've not spoken more than a couple of words to them in years.

The husband had some medical problems, and so did crazy. They seem to be back on their feet now (they were out of commission for most of the year). So their yard has gone to pot this year.

If you've seen our yard, you know that I'm not one to complain about unruly yards. Ours is getting nicer, but certain parts (the lawn) go unattended for long stretches. Because of their health issues, crazy's yard is not what it normally is - no big deal.

Last night, crazy's husband (guess I'll call him Mr. crazy) decided it was time to start trimming the hedge that had gotten out of control. Great. But why did he start at 7:30 pm, and then fire up the gas-powered trimmer around 8 or 8:30? Noise doesn't usually bother me, but come on - no work all YEAR, and 8:30 at night you're using a loud piece of equipment?

Whatever, I blew it off. I spent last night just relaxing watching a couple of movies since Mary is at a conference. I stayed up a little later than I should have, but figured I'd sleep in.

Mr. crazy decided 8:30 AM was a good time to fire up the air compressor to powerwash the garage he exposed by trimming the hedge.


I'd go buy some Public Enemy and turn on my stereo real loud, but our house is just too soundproof to make it effective retaliation.

Maybe I'll just toss the dead mice over the fence.

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