Thursday, October 13, 2005

More Fysh

Sadly, this is the best photo I have of Fysh on my laptop. She wasn't very photogenic, as we found out trying to take pictures. She was kind of like a little kid, always squirming and making faces. So this photo is rather apropos.

A more classic pose of hers can be found here, but she's small in the picture. She loved laying on the bricks of the patio - she soaked up the heat they gave off from baking in the sun.

Mary and I spent the afternoon sharing fond memories of Fysh: her chirping, playing with the catnip-filled eggplant, jumping after the flying feather toy, sitting for hours curled up in the same spot, baking in the sun all stretched out, her bare belly and near-bald hind quarters (when she had allergies), her reverse-sneeze, the way she drooled, her wild and crazy eyes, love of tuna, when she took walks with us around the block, how she always sat on paper, and so much more. We stroked her fur, hoping she'd just wake from the sleep it looked like she was taking. But in the end we could only say our good-byes.

A friend of Mary's came over (two friends actually) and made us tea and lunch and gave us something special to help lay Fysh to rest. That was very sweet.

We buried her this afternoon in a sunny spot in the side yard, on top of a flannel pillow case (she loved flannel pillows) and beneath the friend's grandma's embroidered pillow case. She's resting with her toy eggplant, a sprinkling of catnip, and a small bundle of flowers gathered from our yard. In a few weeks we'll plant a pretty flower to watch over her, but for now it is a simple grave.

Thank you all for your kind words.

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