Tuesday, October 04, 2005


PBS has a show on OJ Simpson's murder trial. It's pretty interesting. They're talking a lot about the race-card, both in the trial and in the public perception of the trial.

With almost no exception, the black folks were happy he was found not-guilty, and the white folks were dismayed.

One of the law students on the show summed it up nicely, "the LA police framed a guilty man." And reverend Sharpton also said something that also rings true, "OJ, when we clapped when you were acquitted, we were not clapping for you - we were clapping for Johnnie Cochran."

I think he was guilty. And for that, I think he should have been found guilty. But I can totally believe that the jury did the right thing in acquitting him because the police screwed up royally.

And while it's a shame that a guilty man is walking free, it seems fair for a high-profile case involving a black guy killing two white people to go free. Us white Americans are so used to things going the other way and are never outraged when it happens. It was good to see the opposite happen.

Hopefully the police have take more care in gathering evidence since then.

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