Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another Year, Another Moab

I think this was my 8th trip to Moab. The big surprise of the trip was that, finally, my freehub finally made me money. Sam and Ron both bet me that I'd break my freehub on the trip. But it held true. Glory be to Kris King.

We did some climbing in Moab and just north of Moab. Sam has pictures of the climbs and biking. I took a few pics with my camera phone, but none really turned out. The light was beautiful that night - if only some of the lazy butts had come riding with me, we could have had some awesome pictures.

In the end I rode the slickrock trail on 3 different days. The ride truly is spectacular. Along the way I made some quick friends - two women who talked trash, a couple of dudes who really appreciated the tip to ride Amasa Back, and a 5 year old girl who seemed content to just take in the view after being pushed up the hill by her dad.

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