Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's True

Mary and I are having a baby. Yup, you heard it here ... much later than you heard it in person.

For whatever reason, I've not blogged about having a baby yet. At first it was just a part of the cautious approach, then I probably didn't blog about it so as not to jinx anything, and then it became habit.

Well, I'm breaking the cycle and announcing to the world, Mary and I are having a baby in the beginning of June. We don't yet know the sex, we're planning on having it at home, and we haven't yet decided on names (it's likely to not be named MacDonald Hall Jackson IV, but that hasn't been ruled out).

But, since you already knew all that stuff, I had intended on writing about a cool book I found.

Baby-Gami - a book on how to wrap/swaddle your baby and how to use slings. It's cute and uses lots of puns, but there are a couple of useful methods of wrapping the baby - one I hadn't thought of was using a brown paper bag (as the book says, when the baby has a blowout and you're out of clothes, you've gotta do something).

I'm sure we'll try a couple of different methods of carrying the baby. Mary has something she got from a friend/family member, my mom and dad have a carrier they used for Sam and me that is from Japan, and I'm sure we'll try a sling or two from the book.

Hmmmm.. I could try swaddling the cats for practice.

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