Saturday, February 24, 2007

How FAIR is that?

I recently heard FAIR's counterspin on the radio. The show really intrigued me as they pointed out informative biases/misreportings/outright lies in the news stories of the week.

I have to laugh every time they refer to the NY Times because they label it as a "Right Wing" establishment.

I happen to agree with FAIR's viewpoint (it's mine as well) that media has gotten way too cozy with big business (it is big business) and politics, and it's reporting is very slanted. While I enjoy listening to OPB and NPR, I do often find them leaving out a lot of questions I would have asked. Those organizations just aren't the bastion of left-wing reporting that folks make them out to be. As I wrote two and a half years ago, I just don't see all that many folks in politics representing my view. FAIR does a nice job of poking at the issues I want investigated.

Anyway, it's worth a read/listen. You can listen to the podcasts of counterspin through this feed.

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