Monday, February 26, 2007

Hans Art

A buddy of mine from college has always been a little odd. I think he'd admit to that. Now, he wasn't odd in the insane-but-facinating way an ornithologist friend of his was (who kept a couple of terrariums full of roaches in his room), but more of a "how does come up with these ideas" kind of odd. That, and he seemed to know nearly everyone in College, which was impressive given that 12,000 undergraduates went there.

He was a good friend, and distance has but softened the friendship a tad.

Anyway, once in a while I'd get a wonderful card from him. Usually very random, but very interesting and unique. This past holiday Mary and I got one that kept us entertained for a good 15 minutes.

Why would you care about such cards? Well, if I'd saved all of them (sorry Hans), I could now sell them for a bundle b/c he's famous! He's got his own store in this thing called the "World Wide Web" selling his one-of-a-kind cards (blank no less, mine came with personalized writing). Check out his shop.

Seriously, if you're tired of the Hallmark cards from the mall, or the "artsy" ones they sell at "antique" shops, or the hippie-cards found at organic produce shops, check out Hans'. They are truly unique and the recipient will never forget the card.

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