Sunday, February 04, 2007

iBike WW06 (1)

Today was yet beautiful day, especially for an Oregon winter.

Mary was running some errands, so I tossed Simone in the Burley trailer and we went on a ride around town. Let's just say Simone is very forgiving. She can't quite sit up on her own in the Burley with all the bouncing around. I had pillows there, but she basically just laid on her side during the ride. But she seemed happy - she only told me she was unhappy when I tried to "fix" it.

The ride was just out to 53rd, out the Midge Cramer path, up 53rd to Walnut, and back over the top of Witham hill.

Ride stats: 45 min, 12.6 mph, 9.67 miles, and a max of 27 (the fastest I've gone with Simone yet).

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