Thursday, February 22, 2007

iBike WW08 (1)

Well, we went to Hawii. What does that have to do with biking? I didn't.

I could have biked, but it would have been a little lame. I couldn't ike with Simone (no Burley) or Mary (no Burley). The roads have nearly no shoulders, and the bike lanes inexplicably start and stop semi-randomly. I could have gone on one of a small handful of mountain bike trails - but that would have been an entire day away from Mary and Simone. So, I didn't ride.

What's that mean? I've got to ride twice this week to make up for the missed ride.

Today is the first make-up ride. Just a little trip out toward oak creek and back, just missing the rain (whew). It is a pretty flat ride and I pushed pretty hard - thus the higher than average average speed.

Stats: 35 min, 14.7 mph, 8.78 miles.

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