Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We have a bunch of bananas (no pun intended), so what do you do?

Mary already made banana bread. I've eaten several. I could make the easiest chocolate ice cream.

But what's on my mind is banana cream pie. Of course with the diet, I'd rather not have an entire pie tempting me, especially with a yummy crust. So what about banana pudding?

We have a couple of recipes for banana pudding in various cook books, but I was curious if I could find one that didn't call for cream/condensed milk. A "lite" recipe.

So I turned to Google which resulted in a bazillion (well, 85,500) matches. But look at the recipes people put up!!!

banana pudding lite recipe - Google Search

99% of them call for a pudding mix and some bananas.

Um, duh. Absolutely no help there.

It reminds me of Steve Martin's bit:
You, too, can be a millionaire and never pay taxes. First, get a million dollars.

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