Sunday, March 23, 2008

David Lebovitz: Taza Chocolate

Mr. Lebovitz hits another home run. I've tried his chocolate ice cream and his butterscotch pudding and both rocked. This idea (not so much a recipe) turned out awesome.

David Lebovitz: Taza Chocolate

I don't have Taza chocolate, but I do have some Mexican hot chocolate bars that I brought back from Mexico way back when. I go in spurts of drinking Mexican hot chocolate - it's tasty, but usually falls a little short of what I get in Mexico. Senor Lebovitz simmered his hot chocolate for 5-10 minutes and was rewarded with a silky, chocolaty drink. So I gave it a shot.

3 ounces of chocolate, one cup of 1% milk, simmered for nearly 15 minutes, and mmm.... almost pudding like. it reminds me of the (no longer available) Starbucks Chantico drink: it was so rich and creamy, I'm gonna have to do it again.

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