Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hidden Rose Apple

Wow, I picked this apple up from the co-op a couple of days ago. It's a variety I've not seen before and it was on sale.

As you can see from this picture

it's a pretty apple, and it happens to smell nice as well. So I bought a couple and didn't really think about it.

Today I bit into the apple, looked down and saw a bright, pomegranate red interior! Amazing! What appears to be a normal apple is actually hiding a vibrant interior. Really cool. The apple tastes pretty good, but visually, this has to be my favorite apple.

It reminds me of my first experience with a blood orange.


Anonymous said...

you have a camera, put up some pics

BFW said...

My wife has a camera.
I do not.

But, perhaps over the weekend I'll set something up.