Friday, December 31, 2004


It's the New Year. I've not really made any resolutions like losing weight or anything, but I've decided to make some changes.

As opposed to the vague resolutions of years past, I've decided to be specific.

The first change revolves around my diet. I know I eat too much, but I don't really know how much I eat. So I'm going to start journaling what I eat. And perhaps that will motivate me enough to actually modify my diet. I figure I'm eating an average of 3300 calories a day. And while my 250# frame seems to absorb that just fine, I'd rather not have a weight that can be labeled as 1/8 ton. Granted, 200 pounds (a weight I'll only achieve if I get very sick) is still 1/10 of a ton, but at least we're talking double digits there (10 has two digits...). Besides, the number 250 just seems too large for anyone who isn't a professional athlete.

The other change is to become more active. Ok, that's still a vague resolution. But I've got a plan. My first goal is to race in sprint triathlon the Beaver Freezer. I'm not sure what my goal time is, but I figure I should be able to beat 1h30min pretty easily. Perhaps I'll shoot for 1h20min. And then I'll look for other triathlon's in the area, perhaps one at Hagg lake.

And, I hope to race in a few mountain bike races. I'd like to find someone with whom I can race, but people haven't really been all that excited. If I can get someone to join me, I'll do the Spring Thaw in Ashland at the end of April. That's the race that got me all excited about riding a singlespeed.

Since I'll be logging all my food (starting tomorrow I guess), I'll also be logging my exercise. I found a web page that not only has a bunch of good articles about triathlons, including a nice training schedule for someone who's going from couch to sprint triathlon, they also offer a free service for logging your exercise. It's pretty trick. I might log stuff there as well.

The exercise is really just an excuse to use the new heart-rate monitor I got for xmas.

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