Friday, December 31, 2004


Mary and I went to the beach for the week after Christmas. As opposed to driving into work every day, I've been working from Seaside for the past few days. There's a little coffee shop, Espresso Connection, that has free Wi-Fi.

The italian sodas are tasty, if a bit expensive. But I figure that's the price I pay for working from the coast.

There were some interesting characters that came through the shop in the past week. Here were a few of choice quotes:

"It's an ice machine, I don't know why it's spitting out so much damn heat." (Someone obviously didn't pay attention in physics class.)

Two people were complaining about money: "I've got 4 TV's, but that doesn't mean they're nice."

No explanation needed:

Q: "You ever get your cigarettes in the mail?"

A: "No, I've got 20 cartons in the mail. They're all lost in the mail."

And I wasn't sure what to make of the last one:

"He didn't need to be drinking a beer while having that radioactive stuff put into him."

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