Saturday, December 04, 2004


I finished the singlespeed bike. Yay.

I even test rode it: just a little jaunt to the gym and back. Both times I started biking I immediately tried to shift up as soon as I hit a certain RPM. Of course there was no shifting to be had.

I did not feel super efficient riding w/out the shifters, and I certainly didn't notice the lack of weight. The bike feels different enough from my full-suspension Epic just because it's a hard-tail, with a 7 year old bottom of the line front shock, and narrow handlebars. Oh, and the pedals are still my Speedplay Frogs, so my feet got sore b/c I was just wearing normal tennis shoes.

So, if someone wants to get me a pair of $12 platform pedals (metal please), or, if Santa wants to be real nice, the crankbrothers mallet c (color: anthracite).

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