Friday, June 03, 2005

CEOs blogging

The CEO of Intel (Paul Otellini) is "blogging" on an internal web page at Intel.

He started last December, and has done one post a month. I guess it's nice that Paul is trying to reach out on a personal level to people, but the whole thing comes off a little stilted. He only posts twice a month, and the layout is horrible.

But, worst of all, there is no RSS feed.

CEO of one of the richest hi-tech companies in the world, and he doesn't have an RSS feed.


portia said...

Umm - so what's an RSS feed?

BFW said...

Read the "One Year Anniversary" post and click on the RSS link.

But basically, it's a way to get the web browser to check for updates on web pages you commonly read. As opposed to manually looking at each web page for updates.