Monday, June 13, 2005

Teeth hurting

My teeth have been hurting lately.

I had a bunch of work done in the past two months, a gold crown and a porcelain crown(?) on #14 and #15 (upper left side).

Well, that's great, but now the tooth I presume to be numbered #13 is aching when I eat, as well as it's matching sister on my lower jaw (no idea what number). Those two teeth are also sensitive to pressure - so I'm still mostly eating on the right side of my mouth. sigh...

Perhaps my dental assistant will clear things up for me when I go back, but I'm kind of tired of going to the dentist office. Of course, had I gone in to get #14 taken care of earlier, perhaps #15 wouldn't have needed to be treated.

Switching gears, the dentist does have more high tech in their office than I do at work. While you're getting worked on, you can watch TV, a movie, see pictures of your teeth or the x-rays. Slick.

Now I just need to be able to download one of their fancy pictures of my gold tooth. They could use biometrics to restrict access to the appropriate page. I'd just scan my teeth in (as opposed to a fingerprint) and I'd have full access to my records. How cool would that be? Now I just need to get a tooth scanner.

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crallspace said...

MY teeth and upper-back jawbones hurt really bad about once every 2 months. I have been grinding my teeth for about 12 years now.

Sometimes I dream that my teeth are falling out.

Corvallis love!