Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Short Ride

I got all gussied up for the Tuesday night sponsored by Cyclotopia.

Again, there were just two other guys riding, Glenn and a guy I'll call Cream-Puff. Glenn is the co-owner of the shop, and Cream-Puff is a guy who is almost always on these rides (named because he rides the Cascade Cream-Puff race, and I can't remember his name).

Unlike last time, these guys were here to ride. Glenn had other duties tonight, so we were just in for a short ride, up the road and down Dan's trail. And it was a fast ride. I averaged 11+ mph for 20 miles, and I'm sure they averaged more because they had to wait for me at all the intersections. My ego-boost for the evening was catching up with a different three-some who were riding up. I passed two of them, the third looked like a frenchman ready to ride the Tour de France.

Going down Dan's I got another ego-boost because I could almost keep up with Cream-Puff - something I've never dreamt of before. The ego crumpled when I learned his front tire had tool low pressure and he had to be careful going around corners so that he wouldn't roll the tire off the wheel. I've ridden with too low pressure in the front, and it's no fun.

No epic ride, just a short one that avoided the rain-storms. But, I got out of the house and rode up to the top of Dimple Hill faster than I've done solo.

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