Sunday, June 05, 2005


New neighbors moved in behind us. The previous couple left 4-6 months ago (he was in the military) and the house has been vacant since then.

The new neighbors look nice enough, they must have a kid because they have a bunch of brightly-colored plastic play things, but I've not seen the rugrat yet. Oh, and I think they must like hasenfeffer because they have a bunny the size of a small beach ball in a cage.

They also broke out the pink flamingos on sticks yesterday. Mary was a bit aghast, though I think she secretly wants them for our front yard. I'm planning a midnight reconnaissance mission sometime soon.

And, crazy lady (CL), from the house to the east, showed up today. She talks a lot and doesn't really listen. Her rose bed is totally overgrown with weeds and the mint is tall enough to hide the aforementioned large rabbit. Evidentially, CL was in an accident when they were in Africa last year. She didn't say what happened, yadda yadda yadda, she was in a wheel chair for many months and just got back on her feet a little while ago.

She came over to see the beginnings of our patio/path plans and talked up a storm. After a few minutes of talking at us, she excused herself and talked all the way back to her house, and began talking at her roses. She's contemplating tearing them all out to put something in that needs less work. Hopefully she doesn't mean more mint.

And, to our west, grandma finally showed up. She'd been gone for 4 months or so, taking care of a new grand child on the east coast. Her husband has been here, all alone, tending to the roses. They do have some of the prettiest roses I've seen in a while. The bushes are nearly exploding with flowers.

To the west of grandma, the empty lot has been getting a little bit of attention. Yesterday, two guys installed a pole with an electrical box, so we may have some new construction going in soon.

We don't really speak to any of our neighbors, as one is crazy, another doesn't speak English, and the third just moved in with the flamingos... I wonder what they think of us.


mom said...

crazy ladies to the east? Sounds familiar. didn't you have a crazy lady to the east when you were on Emerson?

BFW said...

That's right!!! I totally forgot about that crazy lady. She was certifiable, this one is just odd.

Though I did hear a story about a time when she left her classroom (she was a teacher) and didn't come back in the afternoon. The kids tracked her down, and supposedly she just forgot to come back after lunch.

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