Monday, July 25, 2005


I don't have the earlier pictures handy, but here are some pictures of the patio in progress. Captions are below the picture shown.

This above is a view of the front yard, showing the curve of the path as it turns south to go down the side yard.

This above is a view of the patio-to-be from the backyard, just gravel.

What an action shot of Mary using the tool carrier (horrible name) to move gravel around our yard. Look at the concentration! Mary got pretty good at whipping that machine around our yard. We moved over 15 tons of gravel in one day.

This view is from the front yard down the side yard to the back yard, freshly graded gravel.

This is the raised step just outside the sliding doors.

The result of our weekend - a finished step and over 7 feet of semi-circle. The cats are enjoying the pavers warmed from the morning sun.


Mom said...

Truly awesome patio. And won't the path be wonderful. Congradulations to you both.

Anonymous said...