Thursday, July 07, 2005

Phillip Morris Ads - they make no sense

Anyone else confused by the Phillip Morris ads?

I know they're required due to all the lawsuits and the such, but there's just something about the whole thing that doesn't make sense.

Before they lost the lawsuit, they could say, "We didn't know cigarettes were harmful."

But, the lawsuit has pretty much gotten them to say, "They are harmful - can cause cancer, lung disease, anal hemorrhaging, etc." They even have to go so far as to run ads telling people as much.

Ok, then why are they still in business? Why weren't they just shut down completely?

Smoking cigarettes has only been linked to bad things, not a single good thing (maybe weight loss). And the bad things are horribly bad.

It's not like alcohol, where when used responsibly, it causes no harm - and potentially has some benefits. Every puff of a cigarette does harm, and doubly so to those around you.

Opiates at least have some medicinal value, same with marijuana. These drugs are illegal.

Why do we even allow companies like Phillip Morris to still exist?

You're not allowed to sell food that is carcinogenic. Well, I guess some of the sweeteners are allowed...

I dunno, it just seems silly to have a company that exists only to sell something bad, and it publicly admits the product is bad for you.

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