Friday, March 02, 2007

How Cool Is This

At work I do most everything from inside the application Emacs. It's my mail reader, I write software, compile it, run and debug it from Emacs. I've even taught a class in it at work.

Anyway, this guy just wrote a module that lets you post blog entries to blogspot from inside Emacs.

I actually remember him from college - he was getting his PhD at Cornell while I was an undergrad. You see, he's blind. What made me remember him was ... well he was blind and programming computers. When you walked past his office you could hear the computer talking to him. It sounded more like barking to me, but that's probably because it wasn't in English. Turns out, he wrote the program that "speaks" to him, and it runs inside of Emacs.

He left off a few details of how to get the posting functionality working, so I need to download some extra modules. But I hope to begin posting from inside Emacs soon.

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