Saturday, March 24, 2007

iBike WW 12 (1)

Today was the triathlon clinic at the Osborne aquatic center. We basically did a sprint triathlon and got some tips from some pros (one of the guys finished the 2005 Hawaii Iron Man in 9:39 (205 of 1600)). It was pretty fun - we got video taped while swimming. It turns out my swim stroke is pretty good (need to get my elbow up earlier, but most things are working well) - probably the best thing would be to reduce the drag of my belly (which hangs down pretty low...).

Anyway, I did the long ride (20 miles), and I biked there and back, so that's my ride for the week. I hadn't been on my road bike for probably near 2 years, so the cycle computer needs a new battery.

The beaver freezer is in 2 weeks - hopefully the run then won't be as bad as the run was today.

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