Tuesday, March 06, 2007

iBike WW10 (3)

I rode to the gym today, and since the last ride took just over 32 minutes, I wanted to try to get it under 30.

I also happened to fall off my bike. It was my fault - about the only excuse for going over the handlebars is a stick in the wheel, which didn't happen today. I was at a four-way stop sign, rolling along real slow, waiting for the driver going the other direction to give an indication of what she was going to do (go straight through intersection, or turn left - and cross my path). I waited a couple of seconds until my legs said, "let's go boys!" and I stood up on the pedals, beginning to start going. At just that time, the lady turned on her left-hand turn signal, and my brain said, "whoa there!" and I hit the brakes. What happens when your bike stops suddenly and your center of gravity is way high? You go over the handlebars.

I mostly scraped my left elbow, and my inner thighs got a nice set of scratches from the handlebars. I continued on to the gym (where I did a lighter workout), and biked home.

I did make it in less than 30 minutes though:

time: 28:13, 14.9 mph, 7.01 miles total.

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Anonymous said...

gotta use the rear brake