Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Cost of Being Fat

I got an email from some guy I didn't know some months ago.  Somehow he'd found my post about an OSU study on obesity. It was kind of odd to get a "cold call", but it was definitely personal and not spam.  So I checked it out, and it's an interesting video that gives a good visualization of some of the changes in our food supply recently.  Check it out:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Early Morning

Everyone was up early this morning. I was the last to rise at 5:20. It's going to be an interesting day. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

After church, Simone and I headed home to grab some lunch before our big adventure in the woods.
We loaded up the car with our bike and a half. Simone had her Camelbak full of water, snacks, tools, and extra clothes. Yes, I made her carry stuff - she did it without complaint. 
Riding toward Dimple Hill
We started at Lewisburg Saddle and took the high road to the top do Dimple Hill. There we ran into some friends, Maddie and Ashley, who had walked the same route we rode. The girls played in the leaves while Ashley and I caught up. 
Making a bed out of leaves
We had a little snack and then it was time to get back on and ride down Dan's Trail (singletrack), over the road Horse Trail. We actually ran into some folks on horseback while on the roads, which pleased Simone to no end. 
We passed a gaggle of college kids on bikes at the bottom of Horse, so I macho-ed it up by riding with Simone up Horse Trail.  Most of it was ride able, though I faltered on a couple of the switch backs.
Simone definitely helped out quite when she pedaled - it was pretty easy to go up the slight inclines. I think she was probably pulling more than her weight at those points.

Horse Trail
Another glorious fall day in Corvallis.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday Morning

I got out for an early morning ride on Sunday. I like early morning rides, but they're just too early for me in general.

Due to our Sunday plans, early was the time I'd get. 

I rode through the fog and dark, heading up to Chip Ross from Timberhill. I stopped near the top of the climb for some photos (I could have continued climbing).

Watching the sun rise and moon set
Then I scooted over to Dan's trail, descended into the fog again, and then began slogging up Dan's trail to the top of Dimple Hill. 
Fog thinning out a bit, between Lower and Upper Dan's

After not biking much for the past two months, I got out three times this past week - and each ride ended with riding down The Face (crazy steep - 0.3 miles at 29% grade - too steep to walk). 

Looking down "The Cheek"
So here I was, at the top for a fourth time. I took a couple of photos of the fog blanketing Corvallis, and I dropped down a different trail (The Cheek, if you will).
I used to climb this trail weekly when I took Hazel on walks to Oak Creek, but it has some poison oak, so I tend to avoid it. But right now the conditions are perfect - the poison oak has died off for the season, and the trail isn't muddy yet. Even better, a huge tree blocking the road had been removed, and a new entrance to some trails opened up a quarter mile early.  This all resulted in almost a continuous single track experience from the top of Dimple Hill to the gate at Oak Creek. Simply awesome. 

I made it home in time to help Simone finish breakfast as Mary headed off to some training.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Who's Ready For Ski Season?

Simone is!!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

And I'm Back

So much going on in the past months. Quick recap:

Simone turned 7. 
I finished the XC series and won the Clydesdale category. 
I completed a 100 mile mountain bike ride. 
We went to Alaska on a cruise with my folks. 
We got a puppy dig, Ruby. 
Simone started first grade. 
My uncle, Burr, died and we went to Denver for the memorial. 

There ya go, all caught up now.