Monday, July 04, 2016

France - Week 3, Arles, some pictures

Simone says, "I'm not quite sure what the dessert was called, but I did have a bite or two of it, and it was really good. By the way., those green thingies are bits of pistachio I think."
Simone drawing cats.  Paw-sitive cat cards!  Tee-hee.
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, really pretty.  Simone wishes she had a dress that color.  "Certainly prettier than any toenail picture." says Simone. "Just kidding, toenail pictures are not so pretty!"
Lavender tart, I was surprised how good it tasted.  Simone says, "It actually tastes like lavender, it's really good."
Corn nut vending machine.  Could have gotten some, but no.

Editor's note: All photos and captions were chosen by Simone.