Monday, November 12, 2018

Three months down

Long time no post.

I'm three months in, and other than one day of poor choices, have basically been eating keto since this began. The poor choices happened after a couple of days of higher-than-desired blood sugar (low 100s), a little weight gain, and then I tweaked my back in the gym.

But, one day off, and back into it I went.

I've not counted my carbs for the past two months, and I appear to alternate between having high 90s and 98-105 fasting blood sugar measurements. Last week was mostly 102-105, and so I did a 17 hour intermittent fast, and the last three measurements have been
I've also been mindlessly eating. The Trader Joe's roasted/salted macadamia nuts are my new Achilles' heel (dark chocolate peanut butter cups were the weakness before). So I'm bringing some mindfulness back to eating - which includes paring down my snacks, and using the intermittent fast as a reminder of what actual hunger pangs feel like.

As of today, I'm down to 235, which is 25# down from 260 at the beginning of July. I began this whole process with three+ weeks of a paleo diet in July, so we'll use that as my beginning weight. In May I did spike above 265, and May of 2018 I hit a solid 270. But, looking back over the past 18 months, I kind of hovered at 255.

I didn't take a photo for this process, so I've been scouring my gmail for photos Mary and I took back in 2009 when we did P90-X! So far, no luck. I did, however, find my measurements from back then:

2009 trey:
right thigh:26.125
left thigh:26.5
right arm:15.125
left arm:16

I'll take some new measurements at some point. And I'll look for a photo from that time. I don't take photos of myself, in part because I don't like how I look. My mental reference is probably the family photo from the 4th of July when Simone was a couple years old.  I do have a photo of me in my bike getup from a ride in June with Chapell, but the patterns make it hard to see much.

Maybe Mary has a photo of me.

I'm still keeping at it, though I think I'll try adding a few starchy vegetables (sweet potato, delicata squash, etc.) to the meal rotation.  So far, 3 months in, I'm not tired of eggs and bacon for breakfast.