Monday, July 04, 2016

France - Week 3, Arles, some pictures

Simone says, "I'm not quite sure what the dessert was called, but I did have a bite or two of it, and it was really good. By the way., those green thingies are bits of pistachio I think."
Simone drawing cats.  Paw-sitive cat cards!  Tee-hee.
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, really pretty.  Simone wishes she had a dress that color.  "Certainly prettier than any toenail picture." says Simone. "Just kidding, toenail pictures are not so pretty!"
Lavender tart, I was surprised how good it tasted.  Simone says, "It actually tastes like lavender, it's really good."
Corn nut vending machine.  Could have gotten some, but no.

Editor's note: All photos and captions were chosen by Simone.

Monday, June 20, 2016

France 2016 - Week 1 - Colmar, some pictures

Simone asked me about blogging the other day and has inspired me to begin again, or, at the least, to document our trip to France.  So here goes, the first post was conceived and written by Simone.

Here are some photos and captions from our first week in (and around) Colmar:

Sugared fruit is very pretty.  Fruit is good.  Especially the strawberries!  Doesn't the fruit look like jewels?

Very breath-taking!

Very mysterious and beautiful!

Wheeeeeeeeeee!  Very fun!  Very beautiful carousel.