Monday, May 26, 2014

8 Years Ago Today

A little girl was born.  

8 years ago today, I went to bed at 6am, and this morning I woke up at 6am because someone was very excited to be having a birthday.

8 years ago today, we looked out our window to see beautiful roses, blooming in the side yard - and we decided to give Simone the middle name "Rose." Today, Mary and I chopped up the remnants of that rose bush, a victim of the cold snap and snow this winter (sniff sniff).

8 years ago today, we didn't leave home for nearly two weeks, choosing to instead stay at home, getting to know each other.  Today we woke up after returning from a great trip to the beach, and spent nearly the entire day outside of the house, eating special meals and desserts out.

8 years ago today we saw family and friends, and we celebrated the little girl who has come into our lives.  Just like today.

Ice cream with Grandpa...

A sand castle with a swimming pool.

Our chef making a fruit plate (she made the chef's hat too).

Leaping lizards!

Watering the yard, among other things.

Peanut butter pie for the birthday girl!

At the waterfront.

With friends (Astrid and Bodhi).

My gals at dinner.