Thursday, January 17, 2019

Five Months

Well, I survived the Christmas & New Year's holidays by staying on track, only eating a couple of cinnamon rolls and drinking a little bit of yummy glogg.  Overall, my blood sugars bounced between 90 and 110.  Over all, I ended up losing 2 pounds, and I'm now down to 233 - which is a near low point for me.
I've regained focus and have been eating a little more mindfully, sometimes skipping a meal because I am not really hungry.  I've also been taking some supplements that Mary has suggested as well as some liver support tea.  I don't know if it's the intermittent fasting, the weight loss, the herbal support, the keto, or (most likely) a combination of it all - but my blood sugars have been real stable and in the 85-98 range for a solid week.
In the past, I have been able to diet for a while and get down to about this weight (or a little lower), and then I think I've got this handled, no problem, and I revert to my old ways and eat my way back to largesse.  But this time (like always) it'll be different.
I haven't had any significant cravings for bread/pasta/muffins/etc.  I have the occasional taste of a dessert Mary and Simone have baked, or a taste of Mary's sourdough bread.  But in general, I haven't missed the carbs.
Meanwhile, I began the new year with a goal of doing 100 pushups each day for 100 days (starting on January 2nd).  Today is the 16th day and I've got to change things up.  Mentally I'm still good with it, and my muscles feel fine, but the insertion point of a tendon or two on my shoulder is a little tender - so I'm going to back off until that heals up.  Even before this showed up, I'd been doing some shoulder/lat strengthening exercises to balance out the chest/tricep-centric nature of the pushups.  But I think the tendons just aren't quite ready for 1600 pushups in 16 days.  Muscles can adapt and strengthen quickly (in just a couple of weeks), but tendons and ligaments take on the order of 6 months - so slow and steady is required.
I'm a little bummed I won't be reaching my 100x100 goal right away, but there's no point in exercising myself into disability just to be stubborn.