Sunday, April 03, 2005

Beaver Freezer Stats

So the results of the race were on-line last night. I placed 107th overall in the road race (men and women) with a time of 1:15:17, out of 234 finishers (not including the two who were disqualified). Out of the men, I placed 73rd (out of 121), and I was 7th (out of 9) in my age group (Men 30-34). Out of everyone, in all age groups, genders, bike styles, everything: I placed 111th out of 276 total racers.

Obviously, in my class, I fared poorly. But, considering the fact that the top three finishers overall were in my class, I think I should be cut a little slack. My time was around the middle of the pack, and a minute or two difference would change my standings by 10 or 20 places.

I took a look at the numbers and broke down my results a little more. There were basically 5 parts to the race, the swim, the bike, the run, and the two transition times. After looking at the breakdown of my race (see table below), I can see that the dreaded run is by far the worst of my legs. Any improvement there would really help bump me up in the standings. My transition times were also sub-par. I mentioned I couldn't find my spot on the rack after riding the bike, and it showed with a slow transition.

Here's a breakdown of my race, showing position in the race of each stage, and after each stage:

Trey's Race
StageTimePace Place in StageCumulative TimeCumulative Place
Swim 8:151:39.0 86 8:15 86
T1 2:37 120 10:52 95
Bike 36:1619.9 62 47:08 72
T2 2:12 142 49:20 73
Run 25:578:22.3 150 1:15:17 107

So there you go, more details about the race then you ever cared to know.

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