Friday, April 01, 2005

Big day tomorrow

Well, the triathlon is tomorrow. I've been training for it since December or so, though the trip to Puerto Rico was a big void in the training schedule.

Sam and Nick are also doing the triathlon (Nick and his wife, Reyna, are tag-teaming it), and we're all aiming to finish at about the same time. Sam's biggest hurdle is his slow swim time (he guessed poorly), and Nick's biggest hurdle is his mountain bike. My hurdle is the fact that I'm a slow runner.

So, the big question is who can finish first. I'm rooting for myself, but I've a feeling that Sam will pull through and win on the run. I don't think Nick will be able to overcome his mountain bike handicap.

My goal is 1h30min, which would put me toward the end of my age group (comparing to 2003 results), and about 80 percentile overall. Hmmm.... I've got to get in better shape.

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