Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dude, someone broke into my car...

Last Thursday I got up, got ready for work, and walked out to the rusting Mazda.

I found the door ajar and thought, "Shite, I left the door open. The dome light will have been on all night, and now the battery is dead."

I don't usually (ever?) leave the door ajar - the trunk perhaps, but not the door. But whatever, I'd made a mistake.

I open the door, check the light, it's off. Damn.

Wait, it's "OFF" - not out, but actually turned off.

eh? Why would it be off? The only reason I know is that it's turned off when people break into a car so they aren't noticed rummaging around.

Son-of-a-bianchi! Somebody broke in.

Well, they "opened-in" because I haven't been locking the Mazda, but seriously, someone got in.

I look around the car, the glove box was open, and most of the contents were on the passenger seat. Ok, nothing of value in there, and nothing missing as far as I could tell.

Ash tray? Still there. The $20 in change in the ash tray? Still there.

Stereo? Still there.

CD's? Still there.

I cracked open the trunk to see if they'd gone in there, nothing missing.

WTF? Somebody bothered to "break" in, and they didn't take anything?

How insulting.

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