Thursday, April 28, 2005

Total disappointment

I had a craving, a craving for ice cream.

I'm trying to be good and eat less, so I went to the co-op to get some of Julie's organic sorbet (their ice cream is yummy too).

I picked up a couple of other useful things like yogurt and apples, and then I stood in front of the cooler, gazing at the myriad of choices.

Blackberry sorbet. That was it.

I reach in, grab a pint ... squish.


I quickly examine a few other pints, other flavors, other brands. All squishy.

Total disappointment.

I'd grown to expect this in Fred Meyer and Safeway, where moronic customers would stand in front of the cooler, the door wide open, spilling cold air onto the floor. I learned to avoid "sale" ice cream for that very reason. Too often I'd be lured by the reduced price, only to get home and find the ice cream was either hard as a rock (b/c it thawed and then re-froze into an ice cube) or it was terribly mushy.

But I'd expected more from my fellow co-op shoppers.

So I resorted to Jennies macaroons (no I'm not a no-carb freak).

Total disappointment.

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