Thursday, April 28, 2005

Univega Update

This past weekend I added more stuff to the Univega. Mary wanted a basket, fenders, speedometer, that kind of thing.

So we went shopping, got some cute things - including a bell.

I spent part of an afternoon putting it all together (have yet to put the rack on - the girl's bike geometry means I need to get a couple little brackets). The shifting had to be adjusted because the basket attachment impeded the shifter's range of motion, but I got that all dialed in. The fenders fit nicely and will keep my sweetie relatively dry. The bell is conveniently located. And the basket is awesome - it's Mary's favorite feature.

Needless to say, Mary thinks the bike "rocks!"

She's ridden it to work 3 days this week, even when wearing a tight, full-length skirt. She's ridden it to the farmer's market, an appointment or two, everywhere. And, with the handy cycle computer, she even knows how far she's gone.

I've gotta take a picture of it.

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