Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Random Shooters

I joined a basketball team at the club. They threw together a team of guys who didn't have their own team, and we're called the Random Shooters.

Anyway, last week was the first game. I showed up, bought my black and white jersey, and walked into the gym. My team was on court #1. I walked in and saw a bunch of newborns throwing a basketball at the hoop. Some guys who'd actually gone through puberty were playing on court #2, so I double checked the blackboard - yup, court #1. I bet that I wasn't going to be expecting any alley-oops from the munchkins, so I grabbed a ball and headed to the other side of the court. Sure enough, a couple of other guys were shooting around who looked like they had driver's licenses for a little while. I was obviously the elder of the team, and probably the slowest, definitely the heaviest.

Turns out, the opposing team was a bunch of freshmen from a local high school. We have no idea if they were on the high school team or not, but they played with heart.

No matter. We crushed them, nearly 70 to somethign like 30 points. We out-rebounded them, out shot them, played zone (which I don't think they'd ever seen before), and generally dominated. It really wasn't fair.

I did fairly well, especially considering I hadn't played a real basketball game in probably 3 years. I probably could have scored a little more if I dragged my butt down the court, but I felt it was better to "play deep defense." And I missed half a dozen short shots, and missed a number of assists because our guys didn't cut to the hoop. Oh, and I brought the ball down like the point guard I never was.

Next week we'll hopefully play a team who wasn't in diapers this decade.

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