Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Tale Of Two Chillies

A while back I bought two chilli plants at the farmer's market. The two types are Twilight chilli, and Super Chilli - both of which supposedly grow well indoors and don't get too big.

They haven't been quite as low maintenance as I'd hoped. First, they came with a aphid infestation - so I've been spraying them daily with water for quite a while (it finally seems to be under control). And then (in the middle of the aphid recovery plan) we traveled back east - and the plants didn't get water for a week. The Twilight handled it fairly well, but the Super Chilli not so much. You can see the two plants in this photo - one looks healthy and vibrant, the other ... was on its death bed.

The Super is coming back, slowly - there are now 4 peppers growing and a couple of blooms. It just looks sad because all of the big leaves are a pale yellow-green, but the newer, bright green leaves haven't grown to their full size yet.

Maybe all this will add a special flavor to the chillies.

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