Sunday, September 20, 2009

SImone Smorgasbord

Just before Labor Day, we went camping at Paradise Campground, just down the McKenzie River from where we were married a short 8 years ago.

We got a campsite that had this view:

Pretty nice, eh? Check out the other photos from the trip here.

This one was kind of odd, a cross between Dopey and Blair Witch:

After camping we went to the beach. It rained, it poured, we stayed warm and dry with a big fire every day. It was great. Simone took a few good pictures:

Simone cuddling with the stuffed monkey.

Simone sprinting.

Simone's doll is holding a coin

Simone and Mary

Oh, and what did I learn today? Simone knows "left" and "right"! I was all excited to teach her, but she passed the test with flying colors - even figuring out the right answer to, "which side of mine are you on?"

Ever wonder which colors Simone likes to use for coloring? Here they are, lined up by usage. Apparently green and white are not so much fun...

And a bonus Hazel note: did you know she likes going down slides? Check it out:

Hazel in motion.

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