Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let it Snow!

It snowed about an inch in Corvallis, and it isn't even Thanksgiving! I know, how crazy is that?
I didn't get any pictures of Simone and Mary playing in the snow in the back yard. They looked like they were having a blast, throwing snowballs at each other and giggling. Durned work, I should have run out and joined them.
Hazel and I did go out toward the end of the day for our classic hike up to the top of Dimple hill. Dusk was approaching fast, so we went as quickly as possible.
The forest trail right before the old clear cut.

In the middle of the clear cut with Hazel racing towards me.

Up on Dimple hill, with the snow almost 2 inches deep.

Overlooking Corvallis
Hazel normally really likes running around in grass that is about as tall as she is. When it has a couple of inches of snow she goes berserk! She would bury her muzzle into the snow so that her eyes were buried and hide, then race off through the grass and snow.
It was a little slippery coming down, and a tad dark in the forest, but I did have the foresight to bring a flashlight.

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Ameliéé said...

beautiful pictures! the best wishes for you!