Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Click Clack Moo

The other day, Simone wanted the typewriter so she could write some stories. She wrote a long story for Memere using 6 or 7 pages of typing, with an illustrated cover.
The next day she decided to type some more, but wanted to do it on the floor, as you can see:
She began typing away, then pulled the sheet out and told me I was the farmer, and she was the cow. She put the letter on the floor and said, it's on the barn and the cows were cold and wanted electric blankets.
She typed another page, put it on the floor/barn door and said the chickens were cold, there was no milk and no eggs. She told me that I, the farmer, was supposed to say, "No milk?! No eggs?!"
I think there was another page of demands, but don't recall what they were.
We haven't read "Click Clack Moo Cows That Type" in at least a year or year and a half, and here she was, reciting most of the story from memory.
Very cute, very impressive, and a good reminder to watch what I say.
On a related note, the Bauerschmidts visited (great time, another post) and brought a copy of "Click Clack Moo" for Simone (having no idea she'd just re-enacted the story). That's synchronicity for you.

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