Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Mary and I were walking through campus a couple of weeks ago and she noticed a flyer on one of the boards for a metabolic study.  I am in the right age range (38-44) and so I sent the guy an email.

He's doing some research about the body's ability to burn fat, somehow he's doing a comparison/measurement that's never been done before.

Long story short, I showed up twice.  The first time measured my anaerobic threshold (which I happen to cross when I run 9.5mph (increasing .5mph per minute over 10 minutes)), and then today I had my body composition measured and I ran at an easy pace for 35 minutes.  All the running was done while breathing into one of those tubes.

35 minutes on a treadmill?  Yah, it wasn't so bad because he put on a documentary about Yellowstone that was really pretty and fairly interesting.

I'll get an email with all the results later when he's had time to compile everything, so right now all I know is my anaerobic threshold as well as the fact that before eating anything today, I weighed 105 kg, stood at 191cm, and my body fat percentage was 21.1%.

I'm pretty happy with the body fat percentage.  Depending on which chart you look at, it's either just above the acceptable range, or in the acceptable range (who makes these charts up?) - and I'm planning on dropping down to 100kg or less, which should put me around 13% body fat, which would be pretty nice.

Note: while a 13% body fat would have me on the border of "Athlete" and "Fit", my BMI would still have me solidly in the middle of "overweight".

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