Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kitty Paddling

We went to the wave pool in Springfield today, much to Simone's delight. She immediately took to the wave pool and was as happy as a clam there, floating around with her life jacket.

We then went to the shallow pool to recover from papa taking Simone in too deep (she held on tight like I asked, but then I didn't float over the waves like she does...) the respite was more for me and Mary than Simone. She seemed food to go and after we were done, she reported her favorite part was the wave pool.

Next we went to the slide, and after the first slide together, Simone rode the rest if the time by herself. Her first ride down was incredibly slow because she was sitting up and all the water was just rushing around her a d not pushing her down the slide. She had to pull herself along. The next slide was much faster and seemed even more fun.

While we were in the wave pool, Simone was splashing around - swimming between me and Mary. I asked if she was dog paddling, and she corrected me saying she was "kitty paddling." It made even more sense after I thought about the costume she made up earlier today.

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