Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy 2/3 Birthday

So, Simone turned 2/3 today. Yup, that's 8 months of excited, bubble-blowing, diaper-wearing goodness.

What's new with Simone? Well, she's rolling over back to front and front to back. She's not real crazy about being on her belly, but will hang out there for a while now and then. She's sitting up pretty well, though she doesn't quite realize that straightening her body like a pirate's plank is antithetical to sitting upright (or, maybe she does and is just playing with us).

Her hands operate independently, and she's starting to bang toys together or on the table. I'm thinking a drum set might be in order for her 4/5 birthday, we'll have to see if it passes the censors.

Today, Simone and I took a walk past the duck pond because it was beautiful, we needed a walk, and Mary was up for a nap. You see, Simone has decided naps are passe, and she's also decided that 9pm to 6am is enough sleep for her. Needless to say, it's not enough for Mary who's awake chunks of the night feeding Simone. I, on the other hand, obvliviously sleep through the night.

Some friends came over for dinner, and that was reason enough for Simone to stay up. She's just a party gal who doesn't want to miss a beat.

So happy 2/3 birthday Simone.

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