Friday, January 05, 2007

Introducing, the iBike 2007 goal

So, my goal for the year is to bike at least once a week, every week of the year. That's not gonna set any world records or anything (I read about a guy who has ridden once a day for 10 years (where each ride was at least an hour long)), but it's a start toward being more active.

Each winter I tell myself, "I'm gonna bike this winter." But I never do. This winter started with the excuse of my shoulder and neck hurting. It still does a little, but it's on the mend, and if I don't get active, it'll probably never heal. So, I went on my first ride of the year today.

I think the ground rules for this are that I've got to ride for at least half an hour. It'll be ok if it's a casual ride with Simone in the trailer, or if the ride is one of those epic 3 hour rides with the guys from Cyclotopia.

I can't take a week off after riding 2 or 3 times the week before. I figure if I happen to miss a week, I should have to ride twice the following week to make up for it (meaning, 3 rides that week - 2 for make-up, and one for that week itself). The one hitch I see already is that we're taking two weeks to go to Hawaii in February, so I'm going to have to make that middle one up.

You can follow along - I'll have a special label under which I log all my rides - just to keep me honest. Follow along if you will.

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