Monday, January 15, 2007

iBike WW03 (1)

A new ride today. I got it in early this week because of the toe doctor appointment later this week (not sure if my feet will be up for riding or not after that).

I had grand plans of a short ride - I started by going by the country club and then heading toward Philomath, but I kept taking back roads I'd never been on. I knew roughly where I was, I just didn't know where the roads I was taking would lead me. So, when I saw a sign pointing south to Philomath (2 miles) I knew it was wrong, had to be because I was south of Philomath (which I was), so I took the other option, eventually ending up on a main road going south.

Time to introduce a rule to the weekly rides. One cannot turn back simply because one does not know which turn to make, one can only turn back when time is a factor (gonna run out of water, people are going to worry, etc.).

Anyway, the day was beautiful, sunny with blue skies, and cold cold cold. Luckily, there was no wind. I'm still getting used to riding a single speed - I certainly need a higher gear for road rides (which is what today's was), but probably should step down a notch or two for mountain rides. Note: I'm currently running 32 teeth in the crank, and 16 teeth in back - as if you cared.

Stats for the ride: 53 min, average speed 12.7mph, 11.21 miles.

Note: the (1) at the end of the title indicates the count of the ride for this week - this is the first ride, thus a 1. And the "WW" is "work-week" or the Nth week of the year (also known as the ISO 8601 week date).

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